where your eyes fall

Visuel and musical performance without text


Concept, direction Johanny Bert 
An invitation of Festival d'Avignon 2021and SACD


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Le 7,8,9 et 11,12,13 Juillet - 18H

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Re-création au FRAC DUNKERQUE avec Le Bateau Feu, scène nationale.

30 Octobre à 15h et 18h

31 Octobre 15h

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Photograpghies : Christophe Renaud-Delage

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Photos de répétitions: Christophe Raynaud Delage


A project at the border between live performance and contemporary art installation. There where your eyes stand is a free and playful figure. A hybrid performance without visible actors on stage in which the material, the objects have a autonomy creating a shaken utopia.


We invite spectators to be anthropologists for a while in the heart of an allegorical garden which becomes the central puppet character. A living and vibrant, enigmatic and moving, even disturbing landscape posing the issue of the place of humans in a devastated ecosystem. A dramaturgy which does not seek the narrative but rather symbolic juxtapositions of images between Les Vanités du 17ème and a baroque chaos in which objects and materials seem autonomous sometimes mechanical but appreciably porous to each other. The two actor-manipulators are hidden in the stage module. In a very archaic way, without technologies, they make this landscape. Their underground human action, meticulous, physical and sensitive is very present and allows the mutation of the images. The only visible performer, the musician Thomas Quinart, saxophonist and composer of contemporary music, creates sound sensations on stage as a counterpoint to images. He is the musical witness of this visual poem.

During each performance, from the invisible interior, the two manipulators have a video device on them and film themselves live and continuously. Where your eyes fall is a contemporary plastic and free Vanity.

Where your eyes fall / Part 2

To discover the performance from a different perspective

Images of research times, constructions...




Concept, direction  Johanny Bert

Performed by Faustine Lancel, Thomas Quinart ( Original sound music ) and Johanny Bert 

Scenography  : Amandine Livet

dramaturgy  : Olivia Burton

Collaboration to the scenography, puppets and constructions: Guenièvre Lafarge, Pétronille Salomé, Gilles Richard, Christophe Kiss, Anthony Diaz, Fabrice Coudert, Baptiste Klein.

Voice : Juliette Alain

Production and touring : Mathieu Hilléreau (Les Indépendances)

Production and touring Théâtre de Romette

Coproductions SACD, Festival d'Avignon, Le Bateau Feu, Scène nationale de Dunkerque.