She No Princess

He No Hero

She No Princess / He No Hero is a piece for two actors telling a story in two parts. Taking place throughout two distinct spaces for two 30-person groups, the piece transports the audience through the clichés and stereotypes young boys and girls confront as they come of age. She No Princess / He No Hero is told through the voices of Leïli and Nils, two children who do not assume the gender roles that society has dictated for them. The two characters tell their stories discussing and challenging the definitive roles one is expected to perform as a boy or a girl. At intermission, the groups switch rooms and the audience meets the other character.

Leïli and Nils are in the same class. Leïli likes to hunt, dress like boys and put gel in her hair. Since she lives in the country, her mother dresses her practically: "No dresses, no ballet flats". Nils has long hair, cries often, and is not very strong. His father worries about him: "He is thin as a rail, he eats like a bird, and he has the haircut of a little girl". Together, these children will grow up without being either a princess or a hero.

English Language Premiere with FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française) and The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in New York 

Directed by Johanny Bert

Translated from French to English by Chris Campbell

Assistant direction Dylan Côté

Performers  Marleny Heredia, Zan Vailento


Wednesday, February 6, 10am and 12pm

Thursday, February 7, 10am and 12pm


Performances: TILT Festival / FIAF

Saturday, March 2, 11:30am and 4pm 2019

Sunday, March 3, 4pm 2019

More performances are likely to be added in 2019 / 2020

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Study guide by FIAF

children speaking after the show...

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Adults and teachers speaking

"I think it was such an amazing opportunity for our students to see such an intimate theatrical work. They were truly engaged in their encounters with the two different characters. In both scenes they were startled by the characters ‘actions and the staging kept the monologues vibrant and engaging."


"I think it's wonderful to give the students an opportunity to discuss the play with the creative team afterwards. Thanks for facilitating this great experience."


“Thank you so much for a wonderful experience! The twin stories told by the two actors were very emotionally effective and full of complex real-life observations and responses. Their messages were ultimately positive and uplifting bu twithout being trite or didactic. They felt fresh and specific which reminded me of the quote "In the particular is contained the universal. My favorite part was the talk-back at the end in which many small children were able to make connections to their own lives and experiences ("There isn't really boy stuff and girl stuff")and to ask questions about the story but also about the performances and design (I loved the conversation about how the actor made us think she really ate the dirt--she revealed the hidden props and was able to talk about process and perception)."


“I am so happy to have hosted such a vibrant and engaging performance at our school. We feel very fortunate to have been selected as She No Princess, He No Hero's first school hosts”