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The Performances of Johanny Bert are sometimes broadcast outside France in Theaters or international festivals 


- Krafff (2007-2017) China, Italy, Swiss, 10 African countries, India...

- The Little Bath (2016...) China (Shanghai - Pekin), Edinburgh, Swiss, Spain, Belgium (Brussels), Malta

- She No Princess, He No Hero 

For the first time, Johanny Bert made in New York between January and March 2019,  

Written by Magali Mougel and translated by Chris Campbell with a cast of American actors, commissioned by the FIAF for TILT FESTIVAL 2019.

Johanny Bert begins to develop collaborations with foreign artists and theaters to continue to develop research on hybrid creations.


Johanny Bertis an actor, a puppeteer and a director. Through his creations and artistic journey he has developed a unique theatrical language, a confrontation between an actor and an object and the marionette form. He was only 21 when he created his first piece, in which language is a sort of visual score, Le petit bonhomme à modeler (The little shapeable man) which toured from 2002 to 2008, then he created for the "Festival A Suivre" at the national theatre in Clermont-Ferrand Les Pieds dans les nuages (Feet in the clouds) which toured from 2004 to 2012, a creation inspired by the work of the american photographer and plasticien, Robert ParkeHarrison.

He then began focusing on the relationship between writers and writing (commissions, unpublished texts recovered from reading panels or repertory texts). In 2005, he commissioned four writers for Histoires Post-it/ On est bien peu de chose quand même! (Post-it stories/ We’re really not much!), then, Krafff (2007) in collaboration with the choreographer Yan Raballand (inspired by a text by Heinrich Von Kleist).

TheThreepenny Opera (2007) by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. Les Orphelines (The Orphans) (2009), a writing commission to Marion Aubert with Le Préau, CDR de Vire, and L’Opéra du Dragon (Dragon Opera) by Heiner Müller, translated by Maurice Taszman.


HEN Show

With a body made of foam, wood, metal and latex, detailed and sculpted, HEN is a puppet character, manipulated in full view of the audience by two actors. HEN transforms and plays with masculine and feminine images, thanks to a body which can change, imbued with sarcasm and insolence as necessary.   

The Little Bath

The bubble bath is a recognizable, tangible element for the child, but it can also become an abstraction, a playing field for the imagination. It is a fascinating substance which can create volumes, ephemeral spaces for playing, fragile and transformable masses which I then imagine as a playing field for a moving body, a body confronting the foam, even a giant transformable puppet, at the same time both a character and a landscape.  

She no Princess

He no Hero



It's a piece for two actors telling a story in two parts. Taking place throughout two distinct spaces for two 30-person groups, the piece transports the audience through the clichés and stereotypes young boys and girls confront as they come of age  


Other créations 



Théâtre de Romette

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Artistic director

Johanny Bert 

+33 682246721

Administration, production, touring (French and international)

Mathieu Hilléreau, Les Indépendances 

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Théâtre de Romette is supported by the DRAC Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, by the state Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and by the city of Clermont-Ferrand.

Johanny Bert is an Associated Artist at Bateau Feu - Scène Nationale Dunkerque.